ISSA warning to members over possible fraudulent cyber behaviour

July 26, 2023

ISSA warning to members over possible fraudulent cyber behaviour

It has come to our attention that there are messages circulating the market, to ISSA members, from a Mr Daniel Bradley of “The Ship Suppliers Association ISSA USA”.  This individual and the organisation referred to has no association with ISSA and is not permitted to use the ISSA brand.

ISSA is not aware that any such organisation exists.  The address that it provided is false – false in the sense that the address is that of a prominent ISSA member who has no knowledge of Mr Bradley or his purported organisation.  ISSA has sought to engage with “Mr Bradley”, through its lawyers, and received only evasive responses.

The messages presently known to us seek introductions to travel agents known to the email recipients.  It has been reported that in one case an introduction was made, flights were booked, and payment has not been made as was agreed.

The only reasonable conclusion to be reached is that neither “Mr Bradley” nor The Ship Suppliers Association ISSA USA are bona fides and any dealings with them are not likely to be in good faith.

ISSA members are therefore recommended to act with utmost caution if engaging with messages from this individual or organisation.  The email used is  It is likely that once exposed, a different modus operandi will be utilised by those behind these emails.  ISSA members are therefore urged to act with caution when handling any requests for referrals from anyone who credentials cannot be verified with absolute confidence.