Membership Information

How to join ISSA

ISSA is the only international trade association representing ship suppliers and maritime service providers world-wide.

The Association’s Governing Body is the ISSA Assembly which is formed of one representative taken from each of the 40 National Associations in ISSA’s membership together with an Executive Board member who represents the interest of the Associate Members.

Associate Members are companies based in a country which has no National Association and is therefore free to join ISSA direct.

View ISSA International Associations, which shows at a glance the countries that have a national association.

Membership through your National Association

If you are located in one of these countries your application will be processed by your National Association.  However, in the first instance, please apply to the ISSA Secretariat via this link. The Secretariat will then forward your application to the National Association.  Once you have been accepted by your National Association, you automatically gain ISSA membership and are entitled, for example, to display the ISSA logo and list your firm in the ISSA Register and on the ISSA web site.

For a small extra annual fee, you can have your company’s web site linked to the ISSA web site so that visitors can move seamlessly to your web site and see for themselves the products and services that you supply.

In addition, you can, for an additional small fee, have your logo displayed against your web entry in the ISSA Register of Members.

If any companies have issues with joining their National Association, please email the ISSA Secretariat at

Associate Membership

Where no National Association exists, ISSA associate membership is available to firms who fulfil the rigorous requirements that are designed to demonstrate quality, reliability and solvency to ISSA members’ customers: the world’s ship owners and ship managers.

From 1st January 2007, applicants for Associate Membership must complete a two-part application process. As well as completing the Associate Membership Application form, all aspiring Associate Members of ISSA must undergo the full ISSA Members Quality Standard Audit and achieve the Standard if their application is to succeed. If a Company is ISO9001:2015 Certified then, after verification by ISSA of their ISO Certificate, they can gain ISSA Quality Certification automatically without a full audit of their operations and subject to the applicable fee.

The on-line application form can be found here. Please answer ALL questions.

Please note the following pre-requisites before your application can be considered:

  • You must have been successfully trading for a minimum of 2 years
  • You must supply the full details of six ship owners/ship managers whose vessels you have competently supplied
  • You accept that ISSA will contact each ship owner or ship manager whose details you submit and obtain from them a written reference
  • You understand that ISSA requires a minimum of three good references for your application to succeed
  • You must pay a non-refundable €130 administration fee with your application. (Payment can be made by credit card – we accept VISA, MasterCard.  The Secretary will raise an invoice for your payment.
  • You agree to pay, by the due date, the membership and additional fees applicable at the start of your membership and in each succeeding year
  • You agree to be bound by ISSA Articles of Association and Bye-Laws and Code of Ethics.

Once your application has been received at the ISSA Secretariat offices, it will be processed by the ISSA Secretary.  The Secretary may request further information to substantiate your application.

The Executive Vice-President responsible for Associate Membership is deputed by the ISSA Executive Board to approve or reject any application for Associate Membership.

Please note that ISSA reserves the right to see verification of any details submitted through its members based in your country or through other contacts such as your local Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Shipping etc.

Please also note that ISSA also reserves the right to reject your application for associate membership.

Once the Executive Vice-President in charge of the Associate Membership has approved your application, you will be notified in writing and invited to pay the accompanying membership fees invoice.

Your membership will not become valid until you have paid your membership fees.

Once you have paid your membership fees you will receive your Certificate of Associate Membership and your ISSA Quality Certificate and be welcomed into the worldwide ISSA family of quality ship supply companies.

Membership Benefits

  • Listing of your company – and all branch offices – in the ISSA Members Register accessible globally at all times through the ISSA web site. This Database is dynamic and updated constantly. It is where to find a quality-driven, efficient and reliable ship supplier in over 550 Ports world-wide.
  • Listing of your company on the ISSA web site searchable members database
  • The right to display the famous ISSA logo that instantly singles you out as a ship supplier of excellence
  • The receipt, free of charge, of The Ship Supplier, ISSA’s full colour magazine published four times a year containing news and views of the dynamic world of ship supply
  • Attendance at ISSA’s Annual Convention’s Members Open Forum where you can voice concerns and network with colleagues from all over the world
  • A range of special deals that ISSA has negotiated with organisations like, Lloyd’s Register, Seatrade, Cruise Community, Marine Debt Management and many others who give a discount on their products and services to ISSA members
  • Constant monitoring of EU legislation through O.C.E.A.N. of legislation likely to affect EU ship suppliers
  • Free help and advice on any aspect of ship supply from ISSA Secretariat Help Desk

We look forward very much to welcoming you as an Associate Member of ISSA!


Membership Information