Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics has been adopted by the members of the International Ship Suppliers Association as a standard of business conduct which will not only provide for fair competition, but will also be a criterion of good business practice.

It is intended to emphasise the high standard of business morals that guide its membership, and as further proof to the shipping industry that ISSA members are companies of repute and trustworthiness,

Rule 1 – Misrepresentation

It is unethical to deceive or mislead purchasers, by advertising, labelling or otherwise, as to the character, quantity, size or weight of any product.

Rule 2 – Substitution of Products

It is unethical to substitute one product for another, where such substitution might deceive or mislead a purchaser.

Rule 3 – Misleading Price Lists

It is unethical to publish a price list which might deceive or mislead a purchaser.

Rule 4 – Deceptive Invoicing, etc.

It is unethical to issue an invoice or similar document which might deceive or mislead a purchaser, competitor or member of the public.

Rule 5 – Prohibited Discrimination

It is unethical to give any credit, discount, refund or other price differential where this, if it offends the existing practice in the trade, would not only discriminate unfairly between purchasers of similar goods, but also give one of them a monopoly or unfair advantage.

Rule 6 – Prohibited Forms of Trade Restraints – Unlawful Price Fixing, etc.

It is unethical to agree or conspire with other members to fix or maintain the price of goods, or otherwise restrain trade.

Rule 7 – Prohibited Sales Below Cost or at Unreasonably Low Prices

It is unethical to sell or offer products below cost or at unreasonably low prices with the intention of lessening competition, prejudicing a competitor or creating a monopoly.

Rule 8 – Enticing Away Employees of Competitors

It Is unethical to entice away the employee or sales representative of a competitor with the intention of lessening competition, provided that this Rule shall not prevent an employee from seeking more favourable employment.

Rule 9 – Defamation of Competitors or False Disparagement of their Products

It is unethical to disparage a competitor by falsely Imputing inefficiency, questionable credit standing or other mis-conduct.

Code of Ethics