JPS Ships Supply Service

  • Klaipeda
  • Lithuania
Head Office
Membership Number :
LT 0008
JPS Ships Supply Service
General Ship Supplier
Specialised in :
General ship supply, Provisions, Bonded stores, deck, engine, cabin, galley, nautical, safety and medical stores. Repair works, life saving equipment services, inspections.
Also Serves the following ports :
Liepaja, Riga, Venspils
Postal Address:
Minijos str. 169 P,
Klaipeda LT-94287
Phone (After hours):
+370 6520 8835
+370 6520 8835
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ISSA Contact:
ISSA Contact Email:
Viaceslav Golubovskij
+370 6187 6853
Vitalija Srèbaliené
+370 6942 3517
Vitalija Srèbaliené
Legal Entity:
Registration No.:
Limited Liability Company