Back Office System – Details

Welcome to the ISSA Back Office numbering system solution.

This unique facility allows you to download the full ISSA Ship Stores Catalogue numbering system in .csv (Comma Separated Value) format so you can incorporate all the Catalogue line items into your own back office purchasing and supply system.

In addition, you have the ability to download the thousands of accompanying images to make pinpointing your precise product completely error-free.

Integrating the unique 7-digit ISSA numbering system into your own internal purchasing and supply solution will increase efficiency and reduce errors when re-typing quotations or orders.

Acquiring the system could not be simpler. Complete the Registration Form, accept the terms & conditions of the Data Licence, pay the fee using our secure online payment system and you will then be given access to a page from which you can download the Back Office System files.

The Licence Fee is £1,500 covering 3 years of use.

The current edition is 2013 and the next scheduled edition will be published in late 2018 which, again, will have an updated and revised standalone numbering system available for you to incorporate in your own office or shipboard computers.

The ISSA Ship Stores Catalogue Back Office Licence may be viewed here. You must read and agree to the terms set out within this licence before proceeding.

WARNING – Please ensure you have a good Internet connection before proceeding as the data file is 7Mb, and image library is 145Mb. A 145Mb file can take up to 20 minutes to download on a 1Mbit connection.

Please click here to go to the Registration page. Once your registration has been processed an invoice will be issued. Upon receiving cleared funds ISSA will make the files available to you.

Welcome to the wonderful wired world of ISSA!