ISSA mourns former President Wim van Noortwijk

ISSA is very sad to announce the death of its former President Wim van Noortwijk who passed peacefully away on 29th November.

A towering figure in ISSA, Wim was President from 2000 to 2008.

His many initiatives included changing ISSA’s name to reflect the Services element of ship supply and the move of ISSA to its long-time HQ Office at the Baltic Exchange in London.

A private family funeral is to be held on Saturday 5th December.

A full remembrance of his life will appear in the next edition of The Ship Supplier.

Live Streaming on Saturday December 05  10.25 local time


Wim van Noortwijk, ISSA President for most of the first decade of the new millennium, died on 29th November 2020.

His Presidency at the dawn of a new age marked the beginning of significant change in ISSA to reflect the wider rapid development of the ship supply industry.

Born in Rotterdam in 1941, Wim’s early life proved to be a challenge although he rarely spoke about this.

He was a true polymath for outside ship supply and ISSA he was a light aircraft pilot and small boat sailor as well as a significant contributor to charity.

Starting his Presidency on the first day of the new millennium, Wim had a clear idea of how he wished to see ISSA develop.

Attracting significant senior and long-standing Members to the then Executive Committee, he embarked on a programme of modernisation.

It was he who moved the ISSA Secretariat from Wimbledon – “as far from the sea as you can get!” – to the Baltic Exchange in the City of London.

Suddenly ISSA was rubbing shoulders on a daily basis with the major maritime trade associations and organisations.

At the same time he embarked on an overhaul of the Association’s work at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) where significant contributions were made to the Arrest of Vessels Convention and the Maritime Labour Convention.

He reflected the general mood in ISSA that “temporary” membership of, then, 13 years was nonsense and set about regularising ISSA’s status and position at IMO. This is a major part of his legacy.

He felt ISSA had to go to the members and explain to them its importance. A series of regional meetings and Conventions from China to North America and Brazil to Australia saw Wim and the “ISSA Road Show”, as he dubbed his team, clocking up the air miles throughout his tenure.

It would be wrong to pretend that everyone subscribed to his ship supply philosophy but he relished debate and demonstrated his natural leadership.

His was a presidency choc full of hard work, fun, surprises and major initiatives. If you went along for the ride – as many did – you were seldom disappointed.

Record sales of the ISSA Catalogue, recognition of the coming digital age and its impact on ship supply – these were significant elements of his remarkable presidency.

Wim was a charismatic man and we shall not see his like again. From his famous “helicopter” view we salute him and wish his “coming days” “crystal clear” and deservedly peaceful.